--November 23, 1859 - William Henry McCarty was born  to Catherine  McCarty an unwed woman abt. 30years old.  He joined older brother

Joseph (Josie) born in 1855.  Catherine  McCarty arrived in New York from Ireland in 1846  at age 17 abord the ship Devonshire.


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--1866 - Catherine McCarty and her two sons moved to Marion County, Indiana where her dead husband had family.  Here she met Harrison Antrim from Huntsville, Indiana.

--1868 - Harrison & the McCarty's moved to Silver City, New Mexico.

--1869 - Harrison & the McCarty's moved to Wichita, Kansas.

--August 10, 1870 - Catherine McCarty opened a hand laundry.  At this time Antrim mostly farmed, but did odd jobs as a bartender and a carpenter.

--Henry In School - Henry attended Ms. Mary Richards' school in Wichita.  Ms. Richards stated that he always handed is homework in on time, and was always ready to help around the classroom.

--March 25, 1871 - Catherine McCarty applied to purchase one town lot in Wichita.  The lot application was later approved.  She sold the lot to Henry Cook the same day that the application was approved.


--March 1, 1873 - Catherine McCarty and William Antrim were married by the reverend D.F. McFarland of the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe.  Shortly after the wedding they moved to Silver City, N.M. because Antrim had heard of rich silver strikes there.  While in Silver city the family rented out rooms in their house to travelers. BACK TO THE RANCH