As a Deputy Sheriff in LA California I had a very exciting carrier, 6 gun battles and shootouts Including the two in the news articles below.       Click on News Paper articles below to read. You can zoom it to read

 Alpha Beta Shooting reports
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Suspect Down               Fatally Shot           Sheriff's Win           Deputies Justified         Let Life Of Crime


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   Hostage Saved           Hostage Letter          Deputy Retires          Police Life            Takes its Toll

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Castaic robbery suspect shot               Atta Boy            6 Suspects               The Loot

McCarty1.jpg (171165 bytes)  McCarty2.jpg (195869 bytes)                                    
        6th & Arch St. Shooting 

 1Boy Saved.JPG (417774 bytes) 3Cena Letter.JPG (362922 bytes)  4Cena Letter.JPG (318275 bytes)    AttaBoy01.JPG (325770 bytes)  AttaBoy02.JPG (338502 bytes) 
     Boy Saved        Another Baby Saved by McCarty       Atta Boy from Sheriff Pitchess

   AttaBoy04.JPG (391168 bytes) AttaBoy05.JPG (430924 bytes)  AttaBoy06.JPG (435526 bytes)  AttaBoy07.JPG (360275 bytes)  AttaBoy08.JPG (462907 bytes) 

 AttaBoy09.JPG (398956 bytes)  AttaBoy10.JPG (342412 bytes)  AttaBoy11.JPG (385819 bytes)  AttaBoy12.JPG (404100 bytes)  AttaBoy13.JPG (428661 bytes) 

  AttaBoy14.JPG (325995 bytes)  AttaBoy15.JPG (410985 bytes)    Outstanding1.JPG (422222 bytes)  Outstanding2.JPG (259444 bytes) 
    Outstanding Deputy report for Deputy McCarty by Sgt. Brown                 

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