William Henry McCarty AKA Billy the Kid
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He was my G-Grandfathers Cousin, William Daniel McCarty born November 8,1859 in Indiana.

William Henry McCarty, alias "Kid" Antrim, alias William H. Bonney, alias Billy the Kid, was born in New
York City on November 23, 1859, and moved to New Mexico in the 1870s.

McCarty became a cowboy in Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory, working for cattleman J.
H. Tunstall. In February, 1878, Tunstall was killed by a rival cattle outfit, and this started Lincoln
County War in which Billy played a leading role. This "war" was actually a struggle between two
rival groups of businessmen and ranchers. Murders and depredations between the two groups
culminated in a three day battle in Lincoln, New Mexico during July of 1878. Billy was one of the
group that shot to death Sheriff Bill Brady. "The Kid" was said to have been involved in twenty
other murders in his lifetime.

In 1880, Lincoln County elected Sheriff Pat Garrett and a posse trapped "The Kid" and four
companions in a hut at Stinking Springs. After a three day siege, the gang was captured on December 23, 1880.

Billy was convicted of murder, and was sentenced to be hanged in Lincoln. However, on April 28, 1881, he escaped from custody, killing two guards.

Now, with a wanted poster for Billy The Kid, Pat Garrett was hot on the trail back to Old Fort Sumner. On July 13, 1881,
Sheriff Pat Garrett killed Billy with a single shot to the heart, in a dark room of the Maxwell House, when he recognized Billy's voice saying "Who is it?"

Though he was charged with 12 murders by the time he was 18, Billy the Kid is only known to have killed 4 people in his life.

Deputy Daniel McCarty LASD retired.    


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